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Are floors co-ed or is each floor stratified by gender?

All floors are co-ed

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do the washing machines/dryers use coins or the cards? also if you were to hang up a picture in your room, are you allowed to put a nail into the wall to hang it or do you have to use some sort of adhesive?

At UHall, laundry machines operate via your NYU ID. You can deposit money through the Campus Cash system. All loads are $1 each.

You are not permitted to put holes in the wall, so if you wish to hang something, we suggest using 3M removable mounting products.

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Hi! I know it's a weird question, but how much space is there for clothing and books in an average apartment-like room? I'm asking because I'm moving in from a different country so I'll basically have to bring most of my wardrobe with me, and I'm worried all this stuff might not fit. Thanks!

Not a weird question at all! You have a decent amount of space, but it’s not as much as many are used to having. You’ll have half of a modestly sized walk-in closet, a dresser, possible space under your bed, and your desk, which includes a single shelf on its hutch. Most people bring far more than they need, so we just suggest that you be thoughtful about what’s most important to you, and remember that you’ll also have to store luggage in your room (which can serve as additional storage for you too…). If you take a look through our photos, you’ll get a better sense of what the rooms look like and how much space you’ll have to share.

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Are we allowed to switch rooms if all four of us agree on it?

In theory, yes, but that’s a little more complicated to answer than a response here. You can email Lauren, the Residence Hall Director, at lbs6@nyu.edu or call her at 212-443-3605 and she’ll talk with you about it.

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What dining hall do most people at u-hall use? The one in palladium?

It really depends on what you want/where you are throughout the day. Palladium offers a wide variety of freshly prepared items, but is only one entree per meal swipe. Third North is the nearest all you care to eat location. Many UHallers also take advantage of Dunkin Donuts for breakfast and the Burger Studio for quick, fast food meals. You can eat at any dining hall on campus.

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Are microwaves provided? Also, are there two bathrooms per suite or only one?

Microwaves are not provided, but can be easily purchased in the city (there’s an electronics/appliance store just next door). There is one bathroom per suite.

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